Wireless Battery-less Solution for Building Automation


Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ solution is a true Innovative Solution for Greener Buildings. Providing multiple benefits, from increased flexibility and adaptability, to improved occupant comfort, this wireless, battery-less solution also delivers considerable cost savings for new or retrofit projects.
  • Wireless and Battery-less
    • Simplified installation, requiring no drilling or wiring
    • Uses available ambient energy (light, movement) through energy harvesting, eliminating the need for batteries and related servicing costs

  • Wireless Receiver

    • Enables wireless communication between Open-to-Wireless devices and Distech Controls ECL and ECB Series controllers (and others when applicable)
    • Facilitates wireless communication in any environment, allowing the receiver to be installed outside of obstructions, such as ducts and cabinets

  • For any application

    Variety of wireless battery-less sensors and switches: from temperature and humidity, to duct and cable temperature sensing, to occupancy detection and light switches
  • Comfort in any environment

    Ideal for spaces where sensor placement can be difficult, such as glass atriums, or in large open spaces with localized needs, such as office cubicles

  • Space re-configuration

    Quick and low-cost relocation of sensors and switches when room configuration or floor plans change

  • Up to 15% cost savings in new construction and 70% in retrofits

    Eliminate expenses for wiring plans, wire and conduit installation, electrical installation, retrofit repairs, and other associated labor costs

  • From historical buildings and premier interiors

    Preserve building envelope and architectural integrity

  • To greener buildings

    Contributes to LEED® points
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Wireless Battery-less Sensors

Distech Controls offers a wide selection of wireless, battery-less sensors and switches for all your building automation needs.
These devices use the latest in energy harvesting technology to take full advantage of the already available energy sources in the building to power and maintain themselves. This environmentally sound solution requires no external power source for its operation.

All sensors and switches can be installed on any surface, be it concrete, bricks or glass, require no drilling or external wiring and can be easily moved to suit changing needs in the space.
  • Allure ECW-Sensors
    Distech Controls’ Allure ECW-Sensors is a series of innovative feature-rich wireless battery-less room temperature sensors that complement Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ offering.
  • Other Wireless Battery-less Devices
  • ECLYPSE Open-To-Wireless Adapter
    The ECLYPSE Open-To-Wireless Adapter enables a unidirectional wireless communication between ECLYPSE controller and wireless, battery-less sensors and switches operating on EnOcean communication protocol.

Allure™ ECW-STAT Wireless Communicating Thermostats

The Allure ECW-STAT Series offers the same thermostat models as the ECB-STAT and ECL-STAT Series with the additional benefits of self healing wireless mesh network communication, thus eliminating the need for communication wires and reducing the cost of installation. The ECW-STATs use the ZigBee® wireless protocol.
This line of wireless thermostats are ideal for new and retrofit jobs in hotels, dormitories, classrooms, commercial/retail buildings, atriums, shopping malls, and any other installations where installation of network wiring is expensive and rooms (thus thermostats) are close to each other.

What’s more, simple initial setup and device discovery process allow for quick startup and commissioning.
  • Communicating Thermostat for Rooftop Applications (RT)
    For 1 heat/1 cool or 2 heat/2 cool roof top applications with options for economizer and humidity control
  • Communicating Thermostat for Heat Pump Applications
  • Communicating Thermostat for Fan Coil Applications (FC)
    For 2 and 4 pipe fan coil applications in commercial and hospitality markets
  • Communicating Thermostat for Zoning Applications (ZN)
    For 2 and 4 pipe zoning applications

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