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We Help Building Owners Unlock Value by Creating Smart Buildings

Imagine your building connected – a smart building, home to a human-centric workplace that has an intuitive awareness of its occupancy and utilisation and that uses app-centric interfaces that bring control to your fingertips.

Why Distech Controls™ Solutions for Your Building?

  • Create value through differentiation

    Ability to leverage the data created by IoT building

    Differentiate yourself by optimising your building’s data via more sophisticated tenant services and by contributing to the broader building ecosystem.

  • Create value through efficiency

    Technology integration and interoperability

    Use IoT-enabled BMS to reduce costs related to energy use, repairs, maintenance and administration and to increase your return on investment.

Our Key Offerings

  • Energy

    Energy costs continue to increase internationally, affecting buildings of all types and sizes. You need innovative solutions that can reduce these costs through improved efficiency, while helping you meet sustainability goals and ultimately boosting the value of your building.

  • Occupant Services and Well-being

    The well-being of a building’s occupants is a key contributing factor to overall productivity. Playing a critical role in creating a healthy work and living environment, smart buildings provide the technology that can facilitate and measure the well-being of your occupants.

  • Space

    Technology, the way we work and even the types of jobs that we do are forever evolving. Buildings and workspaces, therefore, need to be more flexible than ever. Now, with technology and smart devices, your building can gather data on occupancy and usage and adapt accordingly.

Smart Building Solutions

  • Empowered Connectivity ECLYPSETM HVAC Controller Series

    Implement a platform that uses various internet and web service standards, allowing you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure, efficiently exchange data even with external services, and collaborate at all levels of your business, and facilitating maintenance of your building.

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  • Comfort Management Using Bluetooth® Technology

    Our unified solution for HVAC, lighting and sunblind control delivers energy savings and lower total cost of ownership. Dynamic control delivers continuous savings with enhanced comfort, leveraging real-time conditions.

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  • Mobile

    New technologies in buildings enable new user interfaces. Distech Controls has put users at the heart of these solutions to enhance and simplify their experience.

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Smart Services for an Intelligent and Connected Office Building

Find out more about value-added services for your connected building that leverages data readily available through your ECLYPSE IP controllers!

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Tour an IoT Building

Distech Controls building automation solutions have been installed throughout the European Head Office, providing a technological showcase for our energy-efficient products and solutions while simultaneously increasing our employees’ wellbeing.

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How Can Distech Controls Increase the ROI of Your Building?

Let Distech Controls show you how our expertise, technology and innovation solutions can deliver increased ROI all along the building’s lifecycle.

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How can your building enhance occupant experience?

Leveraging new cutting-edge technologies, Distech Controls is opening the door to the next generation of in-room occupant experience.

ECLYPSE Controllers' RESTful API Opens Buildings to Web Services

With our ECLYPSE RESTful API you can efficiently access the controller’s data to create your own mobile apps, dashboards and analytic tools to offer cutting-edge services that fit with the use of the building, meet the occupants’ needs and facilitate maintenance for facility managers.

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