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Access Control Solution



Built on the EC-Net platform and leveraging its same infrastructure, EC-Net Access offers all the functionality expected from a leading-edge access control system. Distech Controls' solution further incorporates the latest in mobile-friendly access reader technologies for the ultimate occupant experience, as well as integrations for photo ID badging, visitor management and video monitoring.
A fully scalable solution that can integrate with your BAS and other building systems, Distech Controls' offering is ideal for projects ranging from single door installations to multi-building deployments, providing unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use.

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    Access control, video monitoring and visitor management systems leverage same EC-BOS-8 and EC-Net Supervisor that is used for the BAS, all based on EC-Net 4

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    Intuitive Web client user interface offers easy system setup and administration to multiple users from anywhere at anytime

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    Zone management monitors and arms/disarms secured areas, provides people counting capabilities in zones, sets occupancy limits

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    Threat-level management manually or automatically changes building access control based on up to 255 different threat levels

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    Create custom graphics to give operators quick access to critical information

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    Mobile credentials put more control into the hands of your users by turning their mobile device into access badges

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    Configurable Wiegand formats to avoid replacing existing credentials and readers when retrofitting systems

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    Elevator floor control establishes individual floor access for better, more secure occupant access management

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    Database integration to quickly import data from other access control systems or HR databases

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    Photo ID integration to print badges and verify identity by comparing photo to video feed

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    Video system integration to view and control cameras from the same console as other building functions

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Download our brochure to learn more about EC-Net Access, a comprehensive, easy-to-use Access Control management solution built on a truly open, Web-based platform, seamlessly extending intelligent buildings and creating a unified building management system.


EC-BOS-8 Multi-Protocol Web Building Controller


The EC-BOS-8, when combined with the remote reader and remote IO modules, serves as a building's access controller including the personnel database. The same unit can also be used for BAS management and integration with other building systems and can further be scaled up with other EC-BOS-8 controllers under an EC-Net Supervisor for larger sites.

  • Products and Models

    • EC-BOS-8_product


      With Internet connectivity and Web serving capability, the EC-BOS-8 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management.

      Also, it allows integration of various field buses and communication protocols. The EC-BOS-8 controller operates with EC-Net 4 web-based building management platform.


    • remote reader

      Remote Reader

      Our Remote Readers support Wiegand type card readers and required I/O to support two doors. The I/O supports a door sensor, request-to-exit device, and a strike for each door.


    • remote IO security

      Remote I/O

      Our Remote I/O adds capacity for supervised inputs and relay outputs. The Remote I/O can be used for monitoring intrusion sensors, elevator controls, or controlling doors which do not require a card reader.


EC-Net Supervisor

Card Readers and Credentials

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