Distech Controls' Flat IP-Based System Architecture

Choose a Flat IP-Based System Architecture

With ECLYPSE, BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi controllers for all your applications, create a flat IP-based system architecture, that provides:
  • Simplified Installation and Maintenance

    • No additional proprietary gateways or middleware
    • Choose wired IP, Wi-Fi connectivity, or combine both on a same controller to tailor implementation throughout the building to the available IT infrastructure, architecture and layouts.
    • Eliminate fieldbus networks and the need to manage multiple networks: reduce cabling and other materials, and their  associated costs of installation, maintenance and upgrade 
  • Improved Performance

    • Increased bandwidth and speed enables large amounts of data for advanced analytics, performance evaluation and trend logs
    • Faster responsiveness when programming, creating and viewing graphics, and upgrading your system
  • Distributed Intelligence

    • IP connectivity from central plant to terminal equipment and room control to displays
    • Each controller features advanced, built-in security features and authentication services, for robust IP-based implementation
    • Direct IP or Wi-Fi Hotspot connection to your controller, using a PC or mobile device, for programming, commissioning, servicing and maintenance
    • Controller-based hosting and access to ENVYSION, web-based system graphics, and visualization of schedules, alarms, and trend logs, greatly improving maintenance and servicing
  • Decentralized Integration

    • Embedded support of BACnet MS/TP routing to IP, and Modbus integration on each controller, to cost effectively connect meters, VFDs and other devices without additional gateways
    • Leverage the RESTful API to facilitate the customization and creation of your own mobile apps, dashboards and analytics tools

Download our Flat IP-Based System Architecture