IP for Terminal Unit Applications

Why choose IP for terminal unit applications?

  • Leverage the Building’s Existing IP Infrastructure, Throughout the Building

    • IP connectivity allows you to leverage your IT network, to securely converge your BMS onto a common IP infrastructure. This eliminates the need to manage a separate BMS network, and the associated cost of installing, maintaining and upgrading it
    • Eliminate fieldbus networks and take advantage of “free” wiring, greatly reducing traditional installation time and costs
  • Converge BMS and IT Technologies for the IoT Building

    • The Internet of Things allows for the interchange of information and data on a common platform for IP-enabled objects and devices. Applied to building management systems, the Internet of Things enables integrated and optimized building services in one holistic system over IP
    • Deliver enhanced services to occupants, facility managers and building owners
    • Present information in a familiar graphical user interface- from mobile apps, to responsive web-based interfaces
  • Choose Wired IP, Wi-Fi or Combine Both on a Same Controller

    • Easily tailor implementation throughout the building to suit the available IT infrastructure, architecture and layouts, minimizing impact on the building envelope while reducing installation costs
    • All terminal unit application controllers feature an integrated fail-safe: in case of power disruption to one controller, communication data is still relayed to the following controller on the daisy-chain
    • Native and scalable: benefit from a powerful, open platform and web-based services that support and evolve with your building system’s lifecycle, without adding new infrastructure and the associated costs
    • Implement IP-based control without requiring gateways or other midware
    • Daisy-chain up to 50 controllers from one Ethernet port
  • Provide for Improved BMS Performance

    • The IP backbone provides increased bandwidth and speed, enabling handling of large amounts of data, advanced analytics and increased trend logs
    • Benefit from faster response when programming, configuring, creating and viewing graphics, and upgrading your system
    • Pre-loaded applications available in all our terminal unit application controllers (ECY-303, ECY-VAV, ECY-PTU and ECY-TU series) can be configured from the embedded ENVYSION Viewer visualization interface or your EC-Smart-Vue
    • Dynamic real-time application graphics generated from your selection of preloaded applications
    • Web-based, responsive graphics accessible from any ECLYPSE controller, with pre-configured schedules, alarms, and trend logs for improved monitoring of your system’s performance
  • Improve Commissioning, Servicing and Maintenance

    • Easily connect to your controller and system via an onsite or offsite IP connection using a PC or mobile device for commissioning, servicing and maintenance
    • Benefit from the embedded web-server to access configuration settings directly from a web browser- no additional plug-ins required
    • Reduce the need for onsite visits and the associated costs of time and travel, and improve your responsiveness to service calls
    • Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot, your own wireless area network, for wireless communication between controllers, or with a mobile device or laptop for configuration, commissioning and servicing
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