ECL-PTU Series

For fan coil, chilled ceiling/beam and heat pump applications
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    • Pre-loaded, configurable application and dynamic EC-NetAX (PX) graphics, selected via dcgfxApplications and/or the Allure EC-Smart-Vue. This virtually eliminates engineering, including programming and graphics development, and increases efficiency during design, installation and commissioning.
    • Targeted application input types: dedicated sensor input, digital and universal
    • Dedicated application outputs allow for direct wiring to fans, electric heaters and valves without requiring an external power source and additional relays
    • Integrated Universal (100-240VAC) power supply input for direct connection to the mains (no external transformer required) for improved reliability
    • Some models feature an on-board 24 VAC power supply output, to power a 24 VAC valve actuator without requiring an external transformer.
    • Support up to 4 Allure series communicating sensors
    • Open-to-Wireless™ Solution: support of up to 24 wireless battery-less inputs
    • The ECL-PTU Series support the Smart Room Control Solution.  Learn more about the Smart Room Control Solution
  • ECL-PTU Series

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  • Functional Profiles LONWORKS® 32-Bit Controllers

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