myDC AirBalancing app

myDC AirBalancing is a mobile application designed to simplify the task of air balancers by enabling them to perform the entire Variable Air Volume (VAV) air balancing process via their mobile device.
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    • Available for Android and iOS devices
    • The myDC AirBalancing app provides convenient and secure access to the VAV controllers of the building automation system (via EC-NetAX), to allow air balancers to:
      • Perform auto calibration by simply entering measured airflow
      • Open and close dampers
      • Provide group commands
      • Override or put in Auto a group of VAVs without needing to do it individually
      • Preset options, such as: Normal Operation, Go To Min Flow, Full Open, etc.
    • Provides a visual color coded, indication of when a Damper is in an overridden state.
    • To work with the app, simply enter the IP address and login credentials of the EC-NetAX system (EC-NetAX Supervisor or EC-BOSAX) you wish to connect to.
    • myDC AirBalancing supports the following:
      • ECB-VAV Series BACnet® Controllers
      • ECL-VAV Series LONWORKS® Controllers
      • ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controllers
  • myDC AirBalancing

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