ECx-Light Series

The ECx-Light Expansion Modules are microprocessor-based interfaces that extend the number of inputs and outputs provided by the ECL/ECB-PTU Series controllers as well as ECY/ECL/ECB-VAV controllers.
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    • Part of an extensive range of lighting and shade / sunblind expansion modules that enables smart cross-management of HVAC, lighting, and shades / sunblinds as a whole, creating a unique Smart Room Control Solution.
    • The main HVAC controller and its associated expansion modules form a single device on the network that reduces network traffic and facilitates BMS integration.
    • Seen as an extension of the main HVAC controller when configuring, allowing you to save engineering time.
    • Quick-link connectors for direct installation into the ceilings, or traditional detachable connectors for use with optional strain reliefs and terminal block covers. This may eliminate the need for a protective enclosure in some jurisdiction.
    • Integrated digital inputs to interface with light switches, window contacts, etc...
    • Separate power supply for loads and internal electronics allows for dedicated metering, leading to more accurate energy consumption analysis
    • Fail-safe mode to comply with most regulation requirements
  • ECx-Light Series

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  • Smart Room Control Solution Guide

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