The Distech Controls UUKL Smoke Control System is designed to protect occupants and buildings in the event of a building fire by maintaining tenable evacuation routes and containing smoke within the fire area.

Complying with the Underwriters Laboratories Inc® (UL) requirements for UL 864 UUKL 9th Edition Smoke Control Listing, our smoke control system includes :
  • Distech Controls is the first to market with a NiagaraAX Framework® based, UL 864 UUKL 9th edition Smoke Control System
  • Solutions and configuration support for  dedicated or non-dedicated smoke control systems

  • Now also listed under the Building Materials Listing (BML) Program of the Government of California
  • Integration with an EC-NetAX Building Management System, powered by the NiagaraAX Framework
  • Select models and versions of the EC-BOS-6AX and ECB BACnet Series Controllers
  • Other required components, such as Ethernet switches, surge suppression, etc.
  • Code libraries, providing a set of examples of smoke control applications, which can be used as a guide to develop smoke control sequences required for each unique project
  • System Design and Application Guides providing details on Smoke Control System design and programming requirements.
Download Our Solution Guide
Download our solution guide to learn more about the complete UL 864 UUKL 9th edition smoke control system, the first to market with NiagaraAX Framework Powered Solution.

Typical Smoke Control System including necessary devices and their interconnections

  • EC-BOS-6AX
    The EC-BOS-6AX is a compact, embedded controller/server platform. It combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities in a small, compact platform.
  • ECB-VAV Series
    For applications from single duct to fan powered VAV with reheat and radiation heating
  • ECB-203 Series
    For roof top, four pipe fan coil, chilled ceiling, heat pump, unit ventilator, and small AHU systems
  • ECB-300 Series
    For AHU, chiller, boiler, and cooling tower applications
  • ECB-400 Series
    For roof top, AHU, chiller, boiler, cooling tower, and multi-zone applications
  • ECB-600 and ECx-400 Series
    For AHU, chiller, boiler, cooling tower, and central plant applications

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