Occupant Experience
ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem for Better Spaces

The most powerful products for business are the ones people love to use

Our ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem platform aims to deliver personalised occupant control for all businesses using technologies occupants are already familiar with and love to use!
And they’re all designed to work and fit together beautifully.

When occupants have the power to control their comfort the way they want, with the interfaces they love, they can spend time on what matters most to them.


It’s visible for the world to see so it might as well be pleasing to the eye

ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem gives you the full enhanced occupant experience in the most contemporary and compact solution.

Select the finish that will seamlessly blend into your space and appreciate the ease of use and versatility of this line. And you can choose the colours or sensors needed for your building!

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This platform has it all

Packed with our most advanced technology, ECLYPSE Sky Ecosystem will make you rethink what occupant interfaces are capable of. 

Choose a wireless device for easy installation. Enjoy the easy-to-use Bluetooth connection. Experience the intuitive interfaces. Appreciate the future-proof solution.

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One solution for all buildings

Because not all buildings are the same, our interfaces our entirely customisable! You can choose what to display on the interface to fit with the exact room applications needed!

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Featured products


This cutting-edge touchscreen sensor enhances occupant experience with its inviting user interface and modernises the BMS room device portfolio with its contemporary design.

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With a brand-new design and packed with our most advanced technology, UNIWAVE, our wireless series, will make you rethink what occupant interfaces are capable of.  

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A discrete, ceiling-mounted multi-technology sensor that, with a single connection, combines many advanced functionalities.

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Welcome to my PERSONIFY, the app that allows you to easily customize your comfort settings directly from your mobile device through its intuitive interface. 

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