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Americas & International Management

Distech Controls' innovative product development and unique commercial strategies have attracted a highly talented team of professionals who have been instrumental in the company's continued growth.


Sam Sharma

Director, Technical Support & Training


The combination of Distech Controls’ innovation, drive, talent, openness, and the desire for change is what inspires me.



  • Creating a consistent and positive experience for every customer.
  • Shaping the experience we believe our customers need, then providing the highest level of technical support and technical training. More importantly; listening and understanding to our customers to supply the right solutions and expectations. Customer experience is something we are very passionate about.

Internally we are connected to every department providing feedback and ensuring that our customers are heard. I believe we have the best in class technical support and training team, always pushing the limits.

What year did you start at Distech Controls?


What and where did you study?

  • Computer Sciences, Concordia University, Montreal, QC
  • Mini-MBA Series, McGill Executive Institute

What are a few highlights from your career thus far?

  • If your team is not happy, your customers won’t be either. Empowering my teams to sit at the table, to be a voice for the customer has created an elite customer centric technical support and training team, while maintaining a high level of technical expertise. Always keeping an open atmosphere where we can bring ideas to go beyond simply support and training.   


What does innovation mean to you?

An environment that promotes creativity and continuous improvement.


Where were you born?

Montreal, QC, Canada


Where is your favorite place to travel?

Somewhere I haven’t been before