BMS Cybersecurity Support Portal

Distech Controls is committed to providing innovative and connected solutions that support your cybersecurity needs. We apply a rigorous mindset, policies, and methodologies in the development of our products and support our system integrators with the implementation of our solutions. Our state-of-the art controllers coupled with our digital partners help you to implement and maintain cybersecurity solutions.


Products and Solutions

Our solutions use the latest industry-standard technologies and are continually updated to take advantage of the latest advances in cybersecurity.





We continuously enhance our products and security guidelines to take advantage of the latest advances in cybersecurity.





Product Security Bulletins

We track, identify, and address cybersecurity threats. As part of our commitment to transparency we keep you informed of any important updates.





Our security vulnerability policy relates to the investigation and disclosure of security vulnerabilities that potentially affect our products.



Cybersecurity Partners


Distech Control's Digital Partners Program offers a seamless collaboration between OT and IT/IoT/AI experts to satisfy the growing demands of our industry while meeting the expectations of building owners and their occupants.

As part of our program, we have partnered with cybersecurity experts to help make your building safer and protect your systems and data from new and evolving threats.







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