Access Control System

Our access control system provides a frictionless occupant experience and enables the administration of the physical access system from the same front end as the rest of the Building Automation System.

Enterprise Solution 


EC-Net Supervisor

Software platform used in server-class
applications: it makes managing all
buildings at an enterprise level possible.


Building Access
Controller Solution 



Compact, embedded controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems.




Remote Reader

Supports Wiegand type card readers and required I/O to support two doors. The I/O supports a door sensor, request-to-exit device, and a strike for each door.



Remote I/O

Adds capacity for supervised inputs and relay outputs. It can be used for monitoring intrusion sensors, elevator controls, or controlling doors.


Card Readers and Credentials


EC-Net incorporates a complete solution
of both physical and mobile credentials, as
well as contactless readers in a variety of
form factors for physical and logical access
control as well as converged solutions for
building and computer access, transit
payment, cashless vending, biometrics,
and other applications.



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