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Create specifications that meet the owner’s intentions!
Spec.Build allows for specifications to be easily created for BAS projects compliant with the latest technology and quality standards. Engineers and System Integrator can easily save time on their projects.

Empower specifying engineers with the ability to deliver high-value buildings through optimized energy efficiency, improved occupant comfort, reduced costs and enhanced services and experience for their clients: ROI throughout the lifecycle of a building.

We want to make your specification project specific, and as easy as possible: with just a few clicks, generate concise specs (less than 50 pages) or mechanical plan specs (less than 20 pages). Furthermore, following Distech Controls’ longstanding commitment to openness and flexibility, this tool supports multiple communication protocols.


Quality and timeliness are king: Distech Controls new Spec.Build allows you to create specifications that are up to date, easy to understand, open, and future-ready.


What are the new features?

2 New Specification Versions 

  • Concise Specs: less than 50 pages
  • Mechanical Plans Specs: less than 20 pages. 
  • Capture the Right Info
    Easily create concise BAS specs that contain all pertinent information

  • Expand the BAS Benefits
    Capture the features that all owners want and deserve such as BACnet/IP and mobile apps
  • Ensure Peace of Mind 
    Eliminate grey areas and make your specification project specific

Access Spec.Build now!