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Enless Wireless


Smart Building Radio Sensors

Enless Wireless, a leading automation and IoT French player in building energy efficiency & comfort for more than 12 years, manufactures a catalogue of wireless radio sensors, based on the main LPWAN radio protocols LoRa, Sigfox, Wireless M-Bus.

With the Enless Wireless range of standalone wireless sensors LoRa, European system integrators can quickly and simply build their own private network using BACnet or Modbus protocols to connect to a PLC or their building’s IP network.

Enless Wireless also manufactures ranges of Sigfox and LoRaWAN devices which allow system integrators to build operated networks.

Effective monitoring of the energy consumption, CO2, VOC, temperature ... with Low-Power / Ultra Long Range products that are quick and easy to install is the first step to guarantee the comfort of building’s occupants... and the optimization of the energy bill!

Enless Wireless is a certified ISO 9001 company.

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Global connections are more important today than ever. Our world is networked: boundaries are declining in importance. Ideas, concepts, even entire projects are being exchanged around the world in the space of just a few seconds. The more open our world is, the more important the quality of the connection is. The future model of METZ CONNECT has been based on this idea ever since the company was established by Albert Metz in 1976.

METZ CONNECT is a medium-sized, family-run German company. Technology, innovation, solidarity, reliability – what counts is the responsibility to our employees and market partners. All divisions of the company are managed in a sustainable manner and on the basis of certified quality standards.

Today, the METZ CONNECT Group stands for high quality in the area of contact technology and with connection elements in the electrical engineering and electronics sectors. Around the world, our products guarantee secure and reliable connections for a smooth flow of information – from the printed circuit board to the infrastructure environment.

METZ CONNECT has exceptional development and production expertise. Experience and consistent innovation have always inspired the markets. As a result of the fulfillment of these high standards every single day, the company is embarking on a future together with its customers.