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ECLYPSE Building Intelligence

With the turn of the new decade, the global intelligent building market has undergone a seismic transformation. Expectations go far beyond BMS, with advanced solutions and services now required to satisfy the needs of different building stakeholders. Three key driving forces are behind these changes: climate risk (and the need for energy positive buildings), urban densification (and the need for space management), and occupant expectations (and the need for multi-services apps for occupants).

Distech Controls’ ECLYPSE Building Intelligence solution successfully delivers on today’s requirements while simultaneously building on the future. We go beyond traditional BMS by offering a platform that is designed to satisfy the needs of the various stakeholders: broadening the focus to include both buildings AND businesses. Our history of openness opens the door to the future by breaking down traditional barriers to entry, ensuring an optimized ecosystem.

Why ECLYPSE Building Intelligence?

Distech Controls brings you the first intelligent building solution with AI inside: continuous learning for continuous optimization.

An Intelligent
Building is
Smart Business


  • Strategic business insights and enhanced analytics
  • Employee attraction/retention
  • Portfolio best practices
  • Workspace management
  • Transform Your
    Facility from Smart
    into Genius


  • Energy efficiency and optimization
  • Facilities maintenance efficiencies
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Space management
  • Asset management
  • Spearheading


  • Tenant comfort, safety, and experience
  • Tenant apps and services
  • Building/workplace engagement
  • Easier Implementation
    means More Value
    for Your Business


  • Increased competitiveness through optimized workflow
  • Differentiate your business via value-added technology
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Better UX/UI DIS-barbetter insights

    A completely redesigned UX / UI augmenting the occupant experience


    DIS-icone-plus Actionable information is filtered out and presented to the user automatically.
    DIS-icone-plus Out-of-the-box analytics for insight into building and equipment operation.
    DIS-icone-plus Designed with mobile in mind for easy access to Building Intelligence from any device.

    Better UX UI Graphic

    ECLYPSE Framework

    Discover the technical features and capabilities behind ECLYPSE building intelligence:


    Get more insights into your building operations

    Digital Twin
    Digital Asset

    Digital representation of your digital building system

    Cloud Ready
    Cloud Ready

    Support of Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

    Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence

    Continuous learning for continuous savings


    Designed to address the security challenges of today and tomorrow

    Designed for Efficiency
    Designed for Efficiency

    Optimized workflow for fast deployment

    Developer Framework
    Developer Framework

    Connect to an ecosystem of the brightest minds both in your building and beyond

    Build for Responsiveness
    Built for Responsiveness

    Developed with mobile users in mind from the get-go


    The brain: the site of intelligence

    2x Gigabit
    Ethernet Ports 

    Security boot and additional
    physical security measures



    The first building
    controller to market
    with proven artificial

    2x USB 3.0 Type A Ports
    1x USB Type-C

    Extension Modules
    Support of Eclypse Input/Output and
    communication modules




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