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Easy to Install, You Just Need to Plug It In!

Check Out the New Look and Feel of HORYZON-C and Its Unique User Interface

Experience HORYZON-C in its different applications and dive into key advantages it brings to you, building owners and facility managers.

Discover the Simplicity of Configuration and Programming with our Productivity Enhancing Tools

Find out more about how to quickly configure a boiler room with preloaded codes from the extensive library available. Also check out several other applications, including air handling units, variable air volume boxes, fan coil units, roof tops, central plant, and many more.

Why Should You Choose HORYZON-C?

Reasons_installation Quick and Easy Installation

The display can easily be plugged in and the setup assistant allows for a quick setup. Our productivity enhancing tools help to increase installation and commissioning efficiency by over 25%.


Reasons_programming One Project - One Interface (ENVYSION)

Develop your graphics with ENVYSION, web-based graphic design and visualization interface used to create and deliver interactive graphical user interfaces. You can also use existing standard interfaces generated from ECLYPSE and EC-Net systems on your display, for a fast deployment on time-sensitive projects.


Reasons_alarm_management Real-Time Notification of Alarms

HORYZON-C’s versatile alarm management allows you to configure optional acoustic or visual triggers for instant notification of alarms. This allows managers to take corrective actions faster, while the integrated buzzer can eliminate the need for an additional device.


Features and Benefits to Change Your Way of Operating

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    Enhanced browsing: Experience the bright and inviting display with a powerful quad-core processor including an embedded, high-end graphical engine. Navigate in highly-demanding responsive HTML5 web environments, while advanced features such as auto-login eases the browsing experience.

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    Capacitive multi-touch: Navigate easily using the slightest touch on HTML5 webpages: Seamlessly zoom-in and zoom-out for an unparalleled user experience.

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    IP Connectivity: The display allows IP connectivity and is therefore perfect to use with our ECLYPSE Connected IP and Wi-Fi HVAC Controller series. Benefit from increased speed allowing faster responses and time savings when configuring the system, or viewing graphics.

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    Manage operating parameters: Quickly manage operating parameters of an HVAC system: monitor values, equipment and system status, and view active system alarms to perform diagnostics and take corrective actions such as overriding a sensor, pump, fan, or changing a setpoint.

Download our HORYZON-C Webinar!

Mosaic_ENVYSION_updates All new ENVYSION and xpressENVYSION functionalities

Combine ENVYSION’s powerful capabilities with HORYZON-C’s unique touch and feel thanks to its powerful quad-core processor for a seamless navigation of HTML5 webpages.


Mosaic_ECLYPSE_updates ECLYPSE™ Connected IP and Wi-Fi HVAC Product Series Hardware updates

Access any ECLYPSE ECY series controller to manage alarm settings as well as view, set, and override input and output values to verify and troubleshoot equipment, or access a list favorites.


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