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Occupant App | my PERSONIFY Workplace

The my PERSONIFY Workplace mobile application allows companies to significantly increase employee productivity and satisfaction. In addition to providing access to the various services offered by each one of a company’s sites, this streamlined and intuitive interface allows employees to quickly locate their position and navigate around the premises.


In France, 70% of employees spend more than 15 minutes a day looking for a workspace.

A defective toilet left unrepaired costs a company an average of €1,812 per year.
40% of employees feel that the technology deployed within their company is not at the level as what they can use in their personal lives.

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An application that can be customized and upgraded

• The color, icon and background image can be customized

Existing services (lunchroom, child care center, gym, etc.) or new services can be integrated via the API

Icons can be added and customized according to the new services that are added without any additional development

A single login, the same as for Office 365, for access to all of the services available

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An app fit for today’s employees

We are getting more and more connected, but our workplace isn’t! How do you connect people, places and systems into a single mobile app? my PERSONIFY Workplace seamlessly and securely connects employees directly to their workplace, driving productivity and delight.




my PERSONIFY Workplace FAQs

Some of your questions regarding the my PERSONIFY Workplace app answered in one place.




An application that can be adapted to the specifics of each building.



Building Owner

Building Owner

Offer an application suited to the building’s image
Enhance and differentiate the building thanks to an improved occupant experience
No additional cost, as Distech Controls products installed in the building incorporate the technology required for use with my PERSONIFY Workplace

Facility Manager

Human Resources Manager

Offer a unique portal that allows for an improvement in employee productivity all throughout the day
Offer a workplace in line with services that Millennials expect
Attracts new talent thanks to a connected and attractive workplace


Site Manager

Improve the use of resources thanks to indoor positioning and incident reporting
Improve reactivity with a better view of the occupants' needs and preferences
Reduction in maintenance costs


IT Manager

User login system based on the Office 365 SSO standard, which is easy to integrate into existing IT architectures and compatible with the cybersecurity requirements adopted by the company