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ECLYPSE Connected System Controller - ECY-CSC Series

by Distech Controls

The ECY-S1000 with Building Intelligence controller is sized to costeffectively meet the requirements of any HVAC application from small to medium to large systems. The controller can be expanded to support up to 20 input/output (I/O) modules (up to 320 I/Os) while being able to adapt to new requirements as the need arises. A connecting cable is used to connect successive rows of modules within a controls’ cabinet to provide power and communication.

Features & Benefits:

  • Support for a range of communication protocols such as BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/SC, BACnet I/P, MQTT, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and M-Bus.
  • With the RESTful API, data can be accessed from different applications, such as energy dashboards, analytics tools, and mobile applications.
  • Integrates up to three RS-485 ports
  • Available remote access to program, configure, or maintain the installation, reducing costs associated with on-site visits
  • Terminal blocks are uniquely identified and color-coded for clarity and to prevent wiring mistakes
  • "Embedded alarms, trend log and schedule support allows for fully distributed data and logic"
  • Automatic email notifications for system status and alarms to ensure faster system servicing and response time
  • Two Ethernet ports (100Mbps) that can be configured individually for easy daisy-chain installation
  • Connectivity packs enable remote devices to be added to a connector in ECLYPSE Building Intelligence. The connectivity packs along with optional I/O and expansion modules provide ultimate flexibility and expandability to customize your project needs.
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  • Spec Sheets

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Spec Sheet ECLYPSE Connected System Controller (ECY-CSC) Spec Sheet Ideal for central plant and mechanical equipment control, it is modular and scalable, to effectively address any HVAC application 6/13/2019 View
  • Specifications

    Brand Distech Controls
    Product Type System and Equipment Control Solution
    Subcategory ECLYPSE
    Sales Regions US, OC, ME, EU, CSA, CA, AS
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