Our Head Office Building


Our Building

In 2013, we doubled our space, with a building : 

Designed to LEED Standards 

  • Building materials with low or no VOCs
  • White cool roof  
  • Low-E windows 
  • Local building materials 
  • LEED certified and local office furnishings
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Energy efficient HVAC and lighting 
  • Dynamic building automation control 

Delivers Passion

  • Gym 
  • Indoor and outdoor employee spaces 
  • BBQ 
  • Bistros and lounges
  • Covered bike racks
  • Bus stop across the street from the building
  • Minutes from the Dix-30, for easy access to shopping, healthcare services, restaurants, and hotels

General contractor Loracon

Architectural firm Gross Kaplin Coviensky

Real estate service company NAI Commercial

Interior design Groupe Leclerc


EC-NetAX Building Management System

Fully integrated control and monitoring system optimizing HVAC, lighting, shades and access control throughout the building.

Control strategies, designed for energy efficiency and comfort optimization, based on: 
  • Occupancy and motion
  • Schedules
  • Interior light levels and outdoor/ daylight levels 
  • Sunlight measurement to position motorized shades
  • VAV boxes with heat recovery and free cooling with economizer 
  • Optimal system start and stop 
  • Advanced condition algorithms 

IP based power and energy meters are integrated into the web-based building management platform, EC-NetAX, allowing for real-time monitoring of consumption

Alarm and trend management on space temperature and CO2, allow real-time monitoring of conditions and continuous commissioning, particularly in highly sensitive areas such as the server rooms, test rooms, etc.

Real-time energy management dashboard, EC-NetAX EnerVue



Optimized for Production

Facility provides production, final assembly, and testing of Distech Controls' products as well as global logistics and shipping. 

14 workstations and 5 assembly lines

Employees involved in the layout of the space, with implementation of Kaizen and 5S methods

Space is controlled for temperature, humidity and CO2, ensuring quality storage of electronic components 

100% of products are tested before being shipped


Open-to-Wireless™ Solution

Wireless battery-less sensors are placed throughout the space, regardless of surface – glass wall of the meeting rooms, cubicle partitions etc.

At installation, this solution reduced cable and wiring materials, and preserved architectural integrity

In the future, it will allow for easy and low-cost relocation of the sensors when room configuration or floor plans change

Ensures a consistent temperature throughout the open space

EC_Smart-Vue with ECO_Vue-square

Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue

Communicating sensor with 4 integrated sensors for monitoring of temperature, humidity and  CO2  with motion detector.

Supports demand-controlled ventilation and occupancy-based control for additional energy savings
Air quality is adjusted based on number of people in the room

Innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern graphically indicates energy consumption in real time to engage room occupants and promote energy-conscious behavior



Design and Ergonomics

The building was outfitted with completely new office furniture that reflects – functionally and aesthetically – the personality and image of Distech Controls.

Open space layouts with departmental focus, to increase collaboration and communication among team members

Desk placement and optimized use of glass, to offer all employees natural daylight and outside views 

Reviewed by an ergonomics expert for increased employee comfort

Provided by Artopex, based out of Granby, QC, Canada



Access Control and Video Surveillance

EC-NetAX Security access control with integrated IP-based video surveillance system

Credential-based access control for employees and visitors:

  • General building entrance
  • Specific areas or rooms are controlled for safety and security, such as climate chamber, test rooms, R&D

Exterior and interior video surveillance with:

  • Alarm and motion based recording for documenting after-hours entry, unauthorized entries etc.
  • Contributes to Distech Controls C-TPAT Certification, for an effective supply chain security management system

Energy Efficient Lighting with Added Benefits

Optimized use of LED lighting:

  • General and task lighting in open spaces, meeting areas etc. 
  • Exterior and parking lighting 
  • Architectural accent lighting with pre-programmed color schemes for the atrium and exterior facade

LED lighting cuts energy bills by up to 60%

Lasts up to 100,000 hours, minimizing landfill waste as well as the need for maintenance

Lighting control is integrated with the building management system, providing integrated control based on occupancy and light level/daylight sensing

Provides excellent light quality for a more natural and appealing light 

Provided by : Lumenpulse, located in Montreal, QC, Canada.


Smart Room Control Solution

End-to-end solution designed specifically for local or room applications, for the control of:

  • HVAC room terminal equipment 
  • Lighting
  • Shades

When the room is occupied:

  • Shade levels and lights dim automatically to a pre-defined LUX level, for optimized use of natural light 
  • Space automatically adjusts for temperature and fresh air (CO2 levels)  
  • Personal remote control (in offices) and Allure communicating sensors, allow occupants to adjust settings based on requirements

The most optimal and cost-efficient way of implementing energy efficient control, while achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants


Test Room

Distech Controls’ BACnet® and LONWORKS® controllers are continuously tested for:

  • Hardware life 
  • Firmware and software operation (automated testing)

Adjacent climatic chamber for testing of product performance over a range of temperatures and humidity conditions

Adjacent electromagnetic testing environment for pre-qualification of our products for norms such as UL, FCC, CE


Sound Masking System

Consists of a series of loudspeakers, installed in a grid-like pattern in the ceiling, distributing a controlled background sound, comparable to soft airflow.

This sound has been specifically engineered to cover up speech as well as noise from general office activities and exterior traffic.

Delivers reduced noise disruptions, improved concentration and productivity, and increased speech privacy.

Effective even in areas housing both tech support and customer service!

Provided by: SoftDB, located in Quebec, QC, Canada


Allure™ RS-Smart-Sense

Energize Your Senses

Communicating sensor to adjust all comfort settings, including temperature, fan speed, lighting, shades/sunblinds.

Innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern graphically indicates energy consumption in real time to engage room occupants and promote energy-conscious behavior 

Enhances interior design, with multiple color and finish options

It’s mobile too!  The Smart-Sense Room Control App is available from the Apple iStore


Distech Controls enables optimal environments for everyone through the creation of intelligent and connected buildings. 
Discover how occupants experienced increased comfort and ease of use, while facility managers get the tools necessary to manage and optimize the operations of the building and building owners obtain the key performance indicators necessary to make the right choices for their properties.


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