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eu.bac Solutions

eu.bac Certification

eu bac solutions

eu.bac certified products must demonstrate that their regulation accuracy is 30% higher than the one requested by the European standard EN 15500.

The integration of eu.bac certified products allows you to perform up to 15% energy savings in buildings conform to standards and European directives: DEPB, RT2012, EN 15232...

LONWORKS Controllers

BACnet Controllers

  • Products and Models

    • ECB-PTU-308

      ECB-PTU Series

      For fan coil, chilled ceiling/beam and heat pump applications


Valves & Actuators

  • Products and Models

    • Small_linear_thermoelectric_Actuators

      MT8 Actuators

      Smart-T small linear actuators are used in room and zone applications for time-controlled two-point and pulse-width modulated (PWM*) regulation of heating and cooling systems such as fan coil units, radiators, floor heating systems, chilled ceilings, and convectors.


Room Sensors

  • Products and Models

    • PDCSY-TT-555


      The flying lead range of temperature sensors are designed to measure air temperature in small duct spaces such as VAV boxes, fan coil units or other restricted spaces. The sensing element is housed in a stainless steel probe with 2 meters (6.56ft) of screened cable as standard. Units contain either a high quality thermistor, Nickel or Platinum sensing element.



      Allure EC-Sensor

      Discrete analog room temperature sensor line for all terminal and sensing applications


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