myDC Control app

by Distech Controls

The myDC Control app provides easy remote access to Distech Controls’ ECB series BACnet® and ECL series LONWORKS controllers’ internal data when they are operating under an EC-NetAX system. In addition, the myDC Control app allows you to connect directly to an ECLYPSE Connected System Controller, for a complete standalone solution. Quickly view, edit, and configure operating parameters of an HVAC system; while the color-coded icons provide at-a-glance indication of alarms and override conditions.

  • When responding to a service call, you can remotely override system operation to make it functional even before you are able to get onsite to perform corrective maintenance thereby providing improved customer service
  • Access any ECL, ECB or ECY series controller from your mobile device wherever you may be
  • Reduce commissioning time by using the myDC Control app to test connected sensors and actuators
  • Access a wide range of internal controller functions:
    • View the active alarms list and for certain BACnet controller models, view alarm details to quickly identify issues and acknowledge alarms
    • View, set, and override values of inputs and outputs while being next to the equipment being commissioned to verify and troubleshoot equipment operation first hand to save time
    • Access a list of favorites to rapidly access commonly-used values
  • Reduce the need for onsite visits and the associated costs of time and travel
  • Multi-user access management supports two access rights levels: View only privilege or view & modify privilege



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