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ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution

by Distech Controls

With an average savings of up to 30-45 minutes per device during the start-up process, not having to physically check every device during a construction project will save weeks of time. What was once a week long commissioning process can now be realized in less than a day!

See these savings in real time! Click HERE to view the number of hours saved in the field since launching the ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution in June 2020.

ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution is an automated solution powered by ECLYPSE edge analytics and EC-NetTM 4, maximizing your productivity without compromise.

  • Time Savings. Delivering the next generation of productivity for ECLYPSE VAVs and PTUs, a once manual process that required up to 30-45 minutes per device is now automatic.
  • Built to be Open. ECLYPSE's edge analytics utilize RESTful API and the power of the EC-Net Reporting Service.
  • Featuring Unmatched Innovation. Built with the intelligence to stagger system testing, this solution sets the maximum percentage of devices that can be commissioned at the same time, effectively preventing system-level safety trips.
  • Versatility Built-in. Going beyond system startups, facility managers can utilize EC-Net Schedules and Reporting Service to schedule automatic forced maintenance of equipment and email a comprehensive report.
  • Modular Approach. Add an ECgfxProgram snippet to your own custom application or leverage the factory-loaded edge analytics with ECLYPSE.
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