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by Distech Controls

Builder is a cloud-based HVAC application and programming automation tool.

The software simplifies programming by automating the process. You now just need to select your options in the tool and download the corresponding sequence of operation, testing plan, points list and application code to be used with EC-gfxProgram.

Set company-wide standards
Easily adopt the comprehensive Distech Controls library or centralize your company’s custom libraries. This makes collaboration easy by creating naming and programming standards using a cloud-based software which will always be up to date.

Simplify the programming skillset required
Builder requires less knowledge for technicians, making system deployment much easier and helping accelerate project deployment time.

Increase productivity
Reduce the number of returns onsite caused by programming errors.

Leverage a state-of-the-art library
Elevate your programming standards and system efficiency with state-of-the-art libraries like “ASHRAE Guideline 36 High Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems“.

Built to work with our ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution - Simply check the box and have it seamlessly integrated into your program.

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