by Distech Controls

xpressENVYSION offers a simplified and streamlined experience in a workflow oriented, drag & drop graphical environment, with full customization options: dashboards, playback, alarm consoles, and more. It also enables the creation of dynamic and interactive content such as floor layouts with heat/cool maps, graphics, charts, dynamic equipment views, and more.

  • xpressENVYSION is embedded in an ECLYPSE Connected System Controller and Connected Equipment Controller.
  • It is also hosted on an EC‑BOS‑8, or EC-Net 4, to expand the capabilities of an existing EC-Net system. It can also be locally installed on your PC allowing you to create graphics offline.
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    Brand Distech Controls
    Product Type Software and Apps
    Subcategory ENVYSION
    Sales Regions US, OC, ME, EU, CSA, CA, AS
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