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Atrius Sustainability

by Distech Controls

The path to decarbonization is not just a sustainability goal, but one that accrues to financial goals to through the optimization of energy usage.  Atrius Sustainability demystifies and automates carbon reporting, breaking companies out of spreadsheets.

  • Automated carbon accounting: Focus on mission-critical tasks by allocating scope assignments
  • Annual emission factor assignments: Pre-set rates for year-end reports
  • Emissions library hub: UK DEFRA, IEA, IPCC, GHGP, and EPA Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission factors
  • Deeper visibility into total emission outputs: View portfolio-wide trends and roll-up summary reports
  • Comprehensive reporting frameworks: Single-format carbon outputs meet CDP, GRESB, SASB, GRI and TCFD requirements
  • Meter-level scope assignments: Set emissions factors to support market and location-based Scope 2 requirements
  • Meet IPCC reporting standards: Annualise Global Warming Potentials for Rolled-up CO2E calculations
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