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Distech Controls Releases EC-gfxProgram Graphical Programming Interface

July 9, 2008

Quebec, Canada, July 9th, 2008 – Distech Controls, a leading provider of innovative building automation solutions, announced today the release of its graphical programming interface, the EC-gfxProgram, for use with its programmable controllers. Distech Controls’ programmable controllers, with a variety of point counts and features, can be programmed to suit any air handling and terminal unit application as well as other building automation applications, such as lighting, refrigeration and power measurement.

The EC-gfxProgram is a user-friendly block based programming interface that simplifies programming, reduces programming time and helps minimize programming errors and facilitate troubleshooting. Available free of charge for custom programming for both LNS and EC-Net (powered by the Niagara AX Platform) platforms, EC-gfxProgram features include: 

  • Wide array of built-in basic and advanced programming blocks with features such as fan-in, PID loops, time delay, schedules, real-time clock, optimum start, stage sequencing, logical gates, mathematical and comparator functions, psychometric functions, persistent values, etc.
  • Support of the programmable controllers' 62 network variables of which 34 are of changeable type and length
  • Support for all network variables of 1 and 2 bytes including structured SNVTs
  • Support for high precision integers with 2 decimal places
  • Ability to create custom blocks, for specific applications, or repetitive sequences
  • Offers real-time de-bug mode through dynamic view of the data flows
  • Generates error and other statistic reports such as memory used, number of PIDs used, etc.
  • Easy-to-use interface with toolbars, drag and drop creation, moveable boxes, window views, color coding and simple link creation, providing a clear view of your code

The EC-gfxProgram also enables additional features on the programmable controllers, such as the support of EC-Smart-Sensors and the configuration of wireless, battery-less devices on ECP models enabled with wireless receivers.

For more information concerning the EC-gfxProgram and other innovative Distech Controls products, visit 

About Distech Controls, Inc

Distech Controls designs, manufactures and markets a leading-edge building automation system, including DDC controllers and software, based upon open control protocols. Established in 1995, Distech Controls is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, with offices in Canada, the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. Distech Controls is an active member of standards-setting associations including the Open Systems Alliance, the ZigBee Alliance, CABA and BACnet International; is a sponsor member of the LONMARK Interoperability Association and a founding Promoter member of the enocean Alliance.

Distech Controls offers a competitive, technology-driven solution while focusing on added-value services and client needs.

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