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Occupant Interfaces and Room Sensors


Designed to satisfy interior designers, architects, building occupants, and consulting engineers alike, our occupant interfaces and room sensors offer a broad array of models suitable for a wide range of environments and applications.

The line ranges from wired and wireless, battery-less discrete sensors to intelligent communicating sensors and communicating thermostats, to intuitive occupant interfaces offering a choice in sensing capabilities (temperature, humidity, CO2).

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Allure™ Series Communicating Sensors

Our Allure Communicating Sensor Series are compatible with the ECB series BACnet controllers, ECL series LonWorks controllers, and ECY ECLYPSE Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi controllers.

  • Products and Models

    • SS-VAV

      Allure EC-Smart-Sensor



      Allure EC-Smart-Comfort

      Occupant-focused, communicating room sensor, providing precise temperature sensing, and optional lighting and shade/sunblind control, for an all-in-one room device. Recipient of the 2016 AHR Innovation Awards’ honorable mention in the Indoor Air Quality category.


    • Unitouch_F

      Allure UNITOUCH™

      This cutting-edge touchscreen sensor enhances occupant experience with its inviting user interface and modernises the BMS room device portfolio with its contemporary design.

      The Allure UNITOUCH can be used for a wide range of HVAC, lighting, and sunblind applications, making it an ideal all-in-one addition to Distech Controls’ Smart Room Control solution. Its 3.5”, high-resolution capacitive touchscreen is easy to view and simple to use, allowing for the control of these applications using a single device. Furthermore, this communicating sensor allows for the wireless control of comfort from a mobile phone by using Bluetooth® low energy technology.

      This product series includes different models, with a choice in sensing capabilities (temperature, humidity, CO2) and colour (black, white).


    • Allure-EC-Smart-Vue-Motion-F-Front

      Allure EC-Smart-Vue

      Advanced communicating sensor with four integrated sensors: Temperature, humidity, CO2 and motion. Features innovative ECO-Vue™ leaf pattern.


    • EC-Smart-Air2

      Allure EC-Smart-Air

      Discrete communicating sensor combining precise environmental sensing - temperature, humidity and CO2 – ideal for applications requiring no occupant-driven overrides


Allure™ Series Sensors

Distech Controls offers the Allure EC-Sensor Series of room temperature sensors, as well as a variety of other sensors that address all building automation applications, including temperature, humidity, air flow, air quality, and more.

  • Products and Models


      Allure EC-Sensor

      Discrete analog room temperature sensor line for all terminal and sensing applications


Wireless Battery-less Sensors

Distech Controls offers a wide selection of wireless, battery-less sensors and switches for all your building automation needs.


These devices use the latest in energy harvesting technology to take full advantage of the already available energy sources in the building to power and maintain themselves. This environmentally sound solution requires no external power source for its operation.

All sensors and switches can be installed on any surface, be it concrete, bricks or glass, require no drilling or external wiring and can be easily moved to suit changing needs in the space.

  • Products and Models


      Allure ECW-Sensors

      Distech Controls’ Allure ECW-Sensors is a series of innovative feature-rich wireless battery-less room temperature sensors that complement Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ offering.


    • wireless_receiver-square

      Wireless Receivers

      Distech Controls’ Open-to-Wireless™ Wireless Receiver enables controllers to receive input signals from wireless sensors and switches.



  • Products and Models

    • EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE_Final


      The EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE is a compact, "4-in-1" communicating device. With just one wire and one connection, this device effectively combines (1) a motion detector, (2) a light sensor, (3) a temperature sensor, and (4) a Bluetooth® low energy technology transceiver for the wireless control of comfort from a mobile phone.


    • Multisensor

      EC-Multi-Sensor Series

      The EC-Multi-Sensor Series combines a motion detector, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, and an infrared receiver in a single compact device.


Remote Controls

  • Products and Models

    • TCND

      EC-Remote Series

      The EC-Remote Series remote controls allow users to remotely manage all the comfort parameters of a room: lighting, shades / sunblinds, temperature, fan speed and occupancy.


Allure™ Series Communicating Thermostats

Distech Controls offers a complete line of Allure Communicating Thermostats addressing most commercial building applications, including fan coil, heat pump, rooftop, and zoning.

All products in the Allure Communicating Thermostats Series reduce installation costs, increase energy savings, and optimize tenant comfort, providing an excellent ROI.

  • Products and Models

    • EC-STAT-RoomDevice

      Communicating Thermostat for Rooftop Applications (RT)

      For 1 heat/1 cool or 2 heat/2 cool roof top applications with options for economizer and humidity control


    • EC-STAT-RoomDevice

      Communicating Thermostat for Heat Pump Applications


    • EC-STAT-RoomDevice

      Communicating Thermostat for Fan Coil Applications (FC)

      For 2 and 4 pipe fan coil applications in commercial and hospitality markets


    • EC-STAT-RoomDevice

      Communicating Thermostat for Zoning Applications (ZN)

      For 2 and 4 pipe zoning applications


Displays and Schedulers

The Distech Controls EC-Display interface and EC-Scheduler device are unique, industry-leading products, designed to be full-featured DDC products that provide ease of use and versatile applications.

  • Products and Models

    • Ecx-Display


      Streamlined mechanical room display for your ECB series BACnet® controllers, ECL series LonWorks® controllers, and ECY series ECLYPSE Connected BACnet/IP and Wi-Fi controllers. Managers and technicians will benefit from this powerful, user-friendly color backlit LCD display, providing convenient access to important system data in real time.


    • HORYZON-C7

      HORYZON-C IP Based Capacitive Multi-touch Color Display

      From mechanical rooms to occupant interface, leverage pre-loaded visual interface for simplified commissioning, operations and troubleshooting, or deliver a fully customized user experience with ENVYSION web pages.


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