The Digital Partner Program

The Link Between Smart Building Integrators and Digital Services Companies

What is the Distech Controls Digital Partner Program?

Discover how the Digital Partner Program facilitates collaboration between OT and IT/ IoT/ AI partners.

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Digital Partner Program

Brings together a network of companies sharing their expertise and best practices to make buildings more efficient, connected, and attractive.

Building Services
Building Services

Provides a set of customized tools designed to increase building efficiencies, attractiveness, and performance while enhancing occupant satisfaction and wellbeing.

System Integrators

Ensure quality deployment of the BMS and facilitate easy and reliable data exchange between OT and IT disciplines.

Digital Service Companies

Offer advanced digital infrastructure allowing for a better understanding of the building's overall usage as well as enhanced occupant experience.


Digital Partner Program

Differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering intelligent, attractive, and innovative building solutions supported by the collaborative efforts of our network of world-class experts

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