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Building Automation Software and Apps | Occupant Apps

Occupant Mobile Apps

Distech Control’s occupant mobile apps enables users to quickly and easily modify the environmental conditions according to their own requirements in spaces such as hotel bedrooms, cellular offices or classroom areas. 
Apps available for iPhone® and Android™ devices. 



my Personify allows occupants to easily customize room settings directly from a mobile device when connected to a Bluetooth® low energy enabled room device.

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Custom Mobile Apps

With our dedicated developer portal, professional mobile application developers can create custom occupant-focused mobile apps to offer cutting-edge services and enhance the building experience. 

Access our developer portal here

Download our Occupant Mobile Apps Infographic


Technical Mobile Apps

Distech Controls has several mobile apps to make configuration, programming, troubleshooting, commissioning and installation of your Building Management System easier and quicker. Control your BMS with iPhone® and Android™ mobile devices like never before.

DIS_9313_Screenshot Tablet Images_0519-003
myDC AirBalancing

myDC AirBalancing simplifies the task of air balancers by enabling to perform the entire Variable Air Volume (VAV) air balancing process via their mobile device.  

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DIS_9313_Screenshot Tablet Images_0519-002
myDC Control

myDC Control provides easy and intuitive access to the controllers’ internal data to quickly view, edit, and configure operating parameters of an HVAC system. 

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xpressnetwork companion
xpressNetwork Companion

xpressNetwork Companion, with its embedded QR code reader, facilitates project deployment and localisation of ECLYPSE controllers on the network. 

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Web-based graphic design and visualization interface


ENVYSION is a web-based graphic design and visualization interface used to deliver interactive graphical user interfaces and an optimal user experience for building owners and facility managers to better manage facility data.
ENVYSION Professional Services

Take advantage of our Professional Services team for creating your ENVYSION graphics.

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A workflow-oriented profile within ENVYSION, enabling you to save up to 30% creating graphical user interfaces.

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Designed for technicians and engineers: a PC-based installation of ENVYSION

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Hosted on an EC-BOS or EC-Net Supervisor to expand the capabilities of an existing EC-Net system.

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Embedded ENVYSION in ECLYPSE Connected System Controllers

Create an advanced user interface (ENVYSION Studio)

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ENVYSION-Embedded in ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controllers-400x300
Embedded ENVYSION in ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controllers

Host and view automatically generated graphics from the preloaded VAV applications

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Programming and Productivity Enhancing Tools

Distech Controls provides programming and productivity enhancing tools for use with BACnet ECB Series, LONWORKS ECL Series and ECLYPSE, Connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series.  


Builder is a cloud-based HVAC application and programming automation tool.

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DIS_8967_Distech Web Images_0219-Image009

EC-gfxProgram enables to visually assemble building blocks together to create HVAC/building automation application.

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ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution

ECLYPSE Commissioning Solution combines the power of ECLYPE edge analytics with EC-Net4 to maximize your productivity without compromise.

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XpressNetwork Utility

XpressNetwork Utility saves time by giving increased control over multiple controllers through device discovery and batch operations

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DIS_8967_Distech Web Images_0219-Image004
Productivity Enhancing Tools

Programming and productivity enhancing tools for use with our controllers to help deliver projects on time and under budget.

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DIS_8967_Distech Web Images_0219-Image006
Xpressgfx Points

Xpressgfx Points is an add-on to Microsoft® Excel that allows to configure EC-gfxProgram I/O resources by reusing points list information.

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DIS_8967_Distech Web Images_0219-Image008
Preloaded Applications

Virtually eliminate engineering, including programming and graphics development, and increase efficiency during design, installation and commissioning.

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DIS_8967_Distech Web Images_0219-Image007

VEXX is a cloud-based platform that allows for factory shipping of Distech Controls’ controllers with your custom pre-engineered code.

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